The Principles of GWTW (GWTW707)

Have you ever had one of those moments where you say something profound and immediately follow it up with, “I should probably unpack what that means.” Recently, I mentioned something along the lines of working according to the principles of Getting Work To Work. It sounded like an excellent thing to say, but I didn’t know what those principles were until I wrote them down. Throughout the podcast, I talk about the need for core values to guide us toward work that matters. How are principles different? If values are the direction we are facing, principles are the actions that propel us forward. I hope this episode inspires you to develop your list of principles to see what motivates your life and work.

The Seven Principles of Getting Work To Work:

  1. Work is a positive force of impact on people and the planet.
  2. Creativity and curiosity fuel your life.
  3. Life and work are not about balance, but harmony.
  4. Iterative action is the best way to learn and grow.
  5. Doing your best, even if it’s not good enough, is better than doing nothing at all while you define, refine, and perfect your plan.
  6. Community is built through support, encouragement, and accountability.
  7. Success is not a one-hit wonder; it’s the pursuit of a creative vision until the very end.

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