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Category: Beernuts Productions

“Getting Educated” with gough (GWTW604)

Back on the show to talk about his latest production with is a long-time friend of the show, gough, from Australia. In this conversation, gough shares stories about all the vignettes, insights, and stereotypes that went into making The Education System. In typical gough fashion, he provides numerous lessons in marketing, brand naming conventions, and handling criticism. Not to mention how to pay better attention during interviews. For filmmakers, he also illuminates deeper insights into his writing style and how he manages his film productions.

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“The Perfect Wedding?” with gough (GWTW574)

Have you ever wondered how gough of Beernuts Productions would plan and execute the perfect wedding? His latest film, A Guide to a Perfect Wedding, explores all of the ridiculous scenarios and behaviors involved, from clothes and venues to ceremonies and receptions. In this conversation, gough shares how he planned and shot the film like an actual wedding. He tells me about his favorite jokes and moments in the movie, why podcast hosts should research their guests, and how critiquing his past work helps him grow as a filmmaker.

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“The Hilarious World of Art” with gough (GWTW560)

If there’s one line of dialogue that I will never forget, it’s from the movie Empire Records: “I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren.” Fortunately for us, gough is here to explain his art to us, the latest film from Beernuts Productions, Biography Of A Star — Christian Victoria. In our conversation, we talked about all things art, including criticism, snobbery, and reverence. We also dive into his collaboration with an artist to create Christian Victoria’s body of work, the challenges of casting his films, and his hot tip for using social media.

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