"The Vision of Hope & Chocolate" with Shawn Askinosie (GWTW341)

What do you care about and how do you share that with others? For Shawn Askinosie, the answer to that question is chocolate. Shawn is the founder and CEO of Askinosie Chocolate, a direct trade bean to bar chocolate factory, that sources 100% of their beans directly from farmers around the world, shares profits and the finished product with them, and helps to improve lives through education and feeding programs when possible.

In this interview episode of Getting Work To Work, Shawn and I dive into creativity and chocolate, the unchanging nature of the soul, the importance of having a practice for discovery and connection, the difference between balance and harmony, how we can be storytellers and listeners in order to increase the quality of our work, the value and beauty of imperfections, and how a vision of greatness for our life and work turns into total reality through small actions.

Quotes Referenced in this Episode:

From Walking in Wonder: Eternal Wisdom for a Modern World by John O’Donohue and John Quinn:

“Imagination never pretends to know it all. It never demands or claims an absolute standpoint, but it always relishes and celebrates the fact it is on the threshold where it cannot see everything. The kind of knowing that is in imagination is knowing through exploration…. Each person is always on the threshold between their inner world and their outer world, between light and darkness, between known and unknown, between question and quest, between fact and possibility. This threshold runs through every experience that we have, and our only real guide to this world is the imagination…. Where the imagination is alive, wonder is completely alive” (pp. 20-21).

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