“All Things Rejection” with Alice Draper (GWTW786)

"All Things Rejection" with Alice Draper (GWTW786)

The question in the email was simple: “Are you interested in a podcast discussion on using rejection as a tool for success?” What a way to capture someone’s attention. Without a doubt, rejection is one of the biggest issues we face as creative entrepreneurs, and I was excited to talk with today’s guest about it and find ways to get better at accepting rejection in all its forms. Alice Draper is the founder of Hustling Writers, a “publicity business…on a mission to make publicity easy and accessible for underrepresented entrepreneurs.” In this conversation, we dive right into her current curiosity with the brain and neuroscience. From there, we get into all things rejection and how it serves us in every sphere of our lives. From setting rejection goals and building rejection resilience, a lot of the work is about depersonalizing the process and finding a community for support and encouragement.

“Let There Be Art…and Rock!” with Luke Preece (GWTW782)

"Let There Be Art...and Rock!" with Luke Preece (GWTW782)

When I first saw Luke Preece’s work on Instagram for Metallica’s 30th anniversary of …And Justice For All, my mind was blown. Since then, I’ve followed his work seeing him continually produce stunning art for bands, video games, and movie studios. His bio says it best: “Luke Preece is a UK-based award winning Illustrator and Art Director. His work combines the visceral power of Heavy Metal iconography and the intricacy of 70s/80s science fiction, presented with a clear, compositionally-led design aesthetic.” In our conversation, we talk about his drive and need to create, how nostalgia fuels his work, and his creative journey from art college to working with iconic bands. We also talk about how imposter syndrome is a good thing, the reality that success takes time, how he works from rough thumbnail to finished product, and finding inspiration from his clients.

“Films of Life & Legacy” with Eriksen Dickens (GWTW780)

"Films of Life & Legacy" with Eriksen Dickens (GWTW780)

If you were to produce a film about your life, what would it say about the choices you made, the people you surrounded yourself with, and the impact you had on the world? Eriksen Dickens is today’s guest on the show, sharing his passion for storytelling and filmmaking in the form of legacy documentaries. Our conversation begins with his endless curiosity about big existential questions and how his schooling in philosophy and psychology translates to filmmaking. He talks about turning a childhood passion into a business, what it’s like collaborating with his brother, the seven storytelling pillars, keeping creative juices flowing on long-term projects, leadership, and balancing a long-term vision with the needs of today. Regardless of where you find yourself in the creative world, Eriksen brings a depth of introspection and drive that you can learn from and bring into your life and work.

“The Future is the Past” with Lee McColgan (GWTW778)

"The Future is the Past" with Lee McColgan (GWTW778)

What’s the point of preserving old homes? Why do old homes matter? Two driving questions for today’s interview with Lee McColgan, woodworker, restorer of old homes, and author of A House Restored: The Tragedies and Triumphs of Saving a New England Colonial. Lee shares his philosophy, how he thinks about old things, and many stories about his journey from finance to woodworking and home restoration. We talk about his fascination with how things are made by hand, the breadcrumbs of our work present throughout our lives, the creative drive and purpose of his work, the impermanence of all things, the eccentric personalities of people he’s met over the years, why generalization is dangerous, and interesting things he’s found hidden in the walls.

“Change is the Future” with Gregg Brown (GWTW776)

"Change is the Future" with Gregg Brown (GWTW776)

How prepared are you for the future of your work? Maybe you are coasting on continual success, not worried about what’s on the horizon. Perhaps you find yourself in a season of loss, feeling threatened by the rise of AI tools and frustrated with disruptive change. Regardless of where you are at in your professional journey, today’s guest is on the show to teach us how to be change ready. Gregg Brown is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author of Spark Action: How to Lead Change That Matters. He helps “leaders and teams get ready for the future so they can tackle change head-on and get things done.” In our conversation, he shares what getting future-ready in a rapidly changing world means. We also discuss the need for critical thinking and decision-making in the age of AI, how to bring our personality and brand of magic to our work, why it’s crucial to shed our corporate skin, what change looks like in the middle of your career, and the importance of taking action and being explorers in everything we do.

“Infusing Work with Our Humanity” with Solveig Petch (GWTW774)

"Infusing Work with Our Humanity" with Solveig Petch (GWTW774)

How do you pitch yourself and your business to podcasts you want to be a guest on, people you want to connect with, and companies you want to bring into your network? By taking the courageous step and shamelessly sending the email or making the call. Today’s guest did that after hearing an earlier episode of Getting Work To Work with Rachel Allen. Solveig Petch is a strategic brand consultant and creative director providing “remarkable branding for the quietly rebellious.” In our conversation, we talk about the importance of sending shameless pitches and the difference between courage and confidence. She shares what a brand is and how it’s different than branding, what it takes to build a stand-out brand, why we choose generic values instead of those that will help us stand apart, and why it’s okay to want to keep changing the world.

“Legacy of a Lost Angel” with Brian Lindstrom (GWTW772)

"Legacy of a Lost Angel" with Brian Lindstrom (GWTW772)

I first met today’s guest near the beginning of my creative journey at the NW Film Center in Portland, Oregon, where I was taking a workshop on interviewing techniques. Almost 20 years later, he is on Getting Work To Work to share his latest project hitting theaters and the internet today. Brian Lindstrom is a documentarian and co-director of Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill. In our conversation, Brian shares what captures his attention in filmmaking: the stories of struggles and victories and the beauty, strength, and resilience to overcome the odds. He talks about his first exposure to Judee’s music in the early days of YouTube, why she was more than the one-note tragic story her Wikipedia page describes, why some projects need to take longer than others, and the joys of collaboration he experienced on this film. Most importantly, Brian reminds us of the importance of independent filmmakers and how we can vote with our attention and wallets.

“I Can’t Wait to See What I Do Next” with gough (GWTW769)

"I Can't Wait to See What I Do Next" with gough (GWTW769)

Everyone’s favorite blind Australian filmmaker is back on the podcast to promote his latest film, Idiom. Okay, everyone is a strong descriptor, how about: my favorite blind Australian filmmaker. I can’t help it, gough makes me chortle (his word, not mine). From the angle he would take on true crime podcasts and why crime shows are awful and depressing, to providing educational moments related to geography, grammar, and other assorted (and assertive) topics, gough brings the Beernuts Productions fun factory straight to your earholes with production tales and stories of creative exploration. We talk about how he approached this film differently than previous films, how he wrote with the lead actress in mind, things you can’t unsee or even unlearn, and must importantly, the hard truth that you can’t “unstupid” stupid people. As you’ll learn in this episode, gough is a healer, and a helper. So, sit back, and let him mildly entertain you for a good, solid 50 minutes.

“From the Poet to the Podcast” with Christopher Luna (GWTW768)

"From the Poet to the Podcast" with Christopher Luna (GWTW768)

The last time I crossed creative paths with today’s guest was for my Innovators of Vancouver project over 11 years ago. Recently, as I’ve been getting into creative writing and poetry, his name naturally resurfaced, along with the open mic poetry events and workshops he facilitates throughout the area. Christopher Luna is a poet, collage artist, teacher, and maximalist who has been instrumental in fostering a creative community in Vancouver, Washington. In this conversation, Christopher shares the origins of the Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic events and how he believes poetry chose him. We discuss what he learned from the legends and gods of poetry—Allen Ginsberg, Walt Whitman, and Antler. Not to mention topics such as self-promotion, self-doubt and dissatisfaction, the subjective nature of art, writing versus arranging, curation, dream logic, and how art can help others. No matter what art medium you are currently obsessed with, enter this conversation with an open mind because Christopher has much to teach us all.

“Everything is STEM” with Deb Mumm-Hill & Kyle Ritchey-Noll (GWTW766)

"Everything is STEM" with Deb Mumm-Hill & Kyle Ritchey-Noll (GWTW766)

I love talking with people who dream big and work together to overcome systemic challenges and affect change. Today, I have the benefit of talking with two amazing women who work with Oregon STEM, an organization that supports “the development of the next generation of innovators and leaders through statewide strategic leadership, collaboration, and alignment.” Deb Mumm-Hill is the Executive Director of Oregon STEM, and Kyle Ritchey-Noll is the President of Oregon STEM and the Education & Workforce Policy Director of Oregon Business Council. In this conversation, they bring stories and examples of how their work throughout Oregon impacts students. We talk about data-driven decision-making, overcoming massive challenges to create a resilient education system for the future, collaborating with industry partners to help students prepare for careers, cutting-edge technology that uses data and generative AI tools to align students’ aptitudes and interests with opportunities, and the power of career-connected learning. Special thanks to Leverenz & Associates for their hospitality and providing a lovely space to record this conversation.