A short-form documentary series focused on independent creative professionals, storytellers, and change-makers getting their work to work.

“Dead Poets Society” – Bryan Helfrich, Artist / Getting Work To Work: The Series (S1E3)

Dead Poets Society is a collection of portraits painted by Bryan Helfrich and “is a tribute to the poets, the MCs, the spoken word—the very soul of Hip Hop.”

“From Trial Lawyer to Farmer” – Rick Martson, Farmer / Getting Work To Work: The Series (S1E2)

Rick Martson is a full-time Scottish Highland Cattle farmer and meat seller in Molalla, Oregon. “Your livelihood, your income, depends on you being able to get the most out of your soil, out of your land, and your animals. When they thrive, your business is going to thrive.”

Rick Martson Graphic

“Confidence Without Conceit” – Jack Kent, Cartoonalist / Getting Work To Work: The Series (S1E1)

Take cartoonist, smash it together with journalist, and you get the best word to describe Jack Kent: cartoonalist. Follow along as Jack searches for Sketchy People to draw as he shares his philosophy about what makes people hilarious. The second project he talks about is Gulls, his longest-running comic strip. Even catch a little behind-the-scenes jam session with official Flawker Rawker guitars and music playing throughout.