Take cartoonist, smash it together with journalist, and you get the best word to describe Jack Kent: cartoonalist. Follow along as Jack searches for Sketchy People to draw as he shares his philosophy about what makes people hilarious. The second project he talks about is Gulls, his longest-running comic strip. Even catch a little behind-the-scenes jam session with official Flawker Rawker guitars and music playing throughout.

I first met Jack in 2017 while wandering Artists’ Alley at Rose City Comic Con. I saw a flying V guitar with a cartoon seagull painted on it from afar. As I neared his booth, an animated clip of seagulls headbanging greeted me, and I instantly knew I had found a kindred spirit of rock music, art, and humor.

Jack has been featured twice on the Getting Work To Work podcast. You can listen to his episodes here:

Links to Jack’s Work