"Squawk & Roll" with Jack Kent (GWTW173)

A returning guest on Getting Work To Work, Jack Kent is back to share about his new Kickstarter project for the upcoming Flawker Rawker album as well as self-made scavenger hunts, the importance of journals, and his love for practical effects, metal, and This Is Spinal Tap. This was a fun conversation and I hope you even spend some time doing the homework assignment Jack wraps up the episode with.

Several quotes from this episode:

  • “If somebody needs a cup of coffee in the morning, the sketchbook is my cup of coffee.”
  • “Logs are kept for a reason because they make you so much better and you can chart your progress and figure out where to go.”
  • “Doing a daily comic, it’s another way of journal keeping. It’s just a visual journal. I can read some of my comics and go, ‘I know where I was when I wrote that and what was going on.’”
  • “I like sharing art and I want to get people to laugh and I want people to look at what I do.”
  • “When you stop is when you really see—how much noise are you making with this and are people clamoring for more?”
  • “If anybody out there’s looking to start a new project, take a few minutes and realize realistic goals.”

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