Rick Martson is a full-time Scottish Highland Cattle farmer and meat seller in Molalla, Oregon.

He first saw the majestic Scottish Highland Cattle while studying at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. An independent breed of cattle was just what Rick was looking for as he was building up both the farm and his career as a trial lawyer. No matter how busy he was at his day job, he always returned to the solace and hard work of the farm.

As the farm grew in acreage, so did the size of the herd. But it wasn’t until Rick’s retirement that he began scaling the operation for the future: “Your livelihood, your income, depends on you being able to get the most out of your soil, out of your land, and your animals. When they thrive, your business is going to thrive.”

Learn more about Martson Farm and purchase their delicious meat at https://www.martsonfarm.com. You can also find them near Portland, Oregon, at the Oregon City Farmers Market and the Montavilla Farmers Market.