Practice Becoming Performance (GWTW584)

When I was thinking about the theme of practice, the first thing I wrote down was the connection and confusion between it and performance. With social media and digital technology keeping us connected to everyone and everything 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it’s no wonder we have turned every possible moment into a stage. But non-stop performance is exhausting and unsustainable. What could we become if we took even an hour of our day and stopped performing and started practicing? What if we took a break from brand management and tried something new? What if we stopped playing the hits on repeat and created something new, something daring and bold?

Four ways we confuse practice and performance:

  1. We can become addicted to practice that we never actually perform.
  2. We treat every practice session like a performance.
  3. Perfectionism confuses the search for excellence and growth with unsustainable goals.
  4. When all we do is manage our brand, we become the band who stops releasing new albums and simply plays the hits.

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