Practice Your Process (GWTW582)

Continuing the monthly theme of practicing your creativity, today I’m exploring how practice defines an entire creative process while simultaneously shaping each step uniquely. I’ll share a few examples and set you up with all you need to define your process and specify what you should practice next. Whether you’re new to creativity or an established professional, nothing will shake up your work quite like practice.

Six ways to practice your process:

  1. Define your creative process.
  2. Embrace documentation as an essential form of practice.
  3. Accept that failure is necessary to the health of your process.
  4. Pick one small part of the process to practice over a specific period of time.
  5. Iteration is how you practice your process. You don’t know if the process is working until you do it again and then again.
  6. When your process gets into a rut, it’s time to change and take bold risks and pay the “price of bravery” (From Michael Lewis’s book, The Premonition: A Pandemic Story.)

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