Leaving the Land of 1,000 Excuses (GWTW626)

There always seems to be another excuse for “why not.” Why I can’t learn a new skill, explore a new technique, or start a new project? In the land of 1,000 excuses, the excuses keep me safe and secure from harm and change. But what happens when you leave the land of 1,000 excuses? That’s what briefly happened when I worked a retail job for five months. Not only was I learning new things, but I was actually surprised by what I was able to do. I rewrote old stories about my capabilities day by day. In today’s reflection, I’ll share how I left the land of 1,000 excuses and how it is not a one-time deal but a daily practice.

Six reasons why you are stuck in the land of 1,000 excuses:

  1. Leaving the land of 1,000 excuses is a daily practice, not something you do once and you are good.
  2. All you can do is compare the vision in your mind with the product someone else produced.
  3. Safe work.
  4. Too many ideas in play.
  5. Worrying about whether something matters or not.
  6. You can’t forgive yourself for not being perfect.

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