"Satisfying to the Soul" with John P. Weiss (GWTW465)

What is the power of great art? Today’s guest believes that the answer to that question is to move others to create and contribute, always moving in a direction toward hope. John P. Weiss is a full-time artist and writer exploring life lessons, personal growth, the creative arts, and depth over superficiality. I first heard of John’s work when a good friend forwarded me one of his posts. His insights and cartoons hooked me instantly, and I’ve been a fan ever since. In this conversation, John shares in-depth stories about his career in law enforcement and cartooning, how creativity made him a better officer, and his journey to becoming a full-time artist and writer. He also touches on the importance of creative routines, the never-ending pursuit of growth and learning, cultivating rare and valuable skills, and where he finds inspiration.

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