Dancing with Doubt (GWTW729)

‘Tis the season for another monologue about doubt. When I searched the podcast archives for doubt, last November came up, and it was examining the positive nature of doubt. I’m not sure what it is about the end of the year. Maybe it’s a change of seasons (a great song by Dream Theater) or the compound effects of exhaustion. But honestly, it’s probably part of the creative process, especially when pushing into new mediums. I just don’t feel it until the end of the year when life slows down. What if doubt has nothing to do with what you are doing but an indication of what you need? More grace and less tough love. Compassion, rest, and freedom to explore your curiosities.

Six ways doubt shows up in the creative dance:

  1. When pursuing something new. Solution: Search for the creative process that makes sense to you.
  2. When showing up in a new way on social media. Solution: Find the rhythm and show up as your imperfect self.
  3. When you’re tired and need to take a break. Solution: You don’t need tough love or to power through; get off the dance floor and give yourself grace, compassion, rest, and freedom.
  4. When you’re comparing projects in progress with finished work. Solution: Don’t psyche yourself out, get the work done.
  5. When you’re trying to do too much in one day. Solution: Give yourself more time to be curious and explore new ideas.
  6. When you forget that there is demand for your work. Solution: Write down who is asking for your work on a sticky note and place it where you’ll see it.

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