Spread Your Ideas Like a Horny Rabbit!

Online Workshop

Thursday, February 8th, 2024
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. PST

About the Workshop!

I have an overactive imagination. I dream of projects I want to produce, skills I want to learn, people to interview, books to write and read (my TBR pile is almost as tall as my lamp), and future goals. On and on the list goes. Whenever I share what I’m working on with people whose brains don’t operate like mine, they usually respond in the vein of, “Why can’t you pick one thing and get really good at it?” That’s like telling a rabbit only to have one kit when biology has blessed them with a gestational period of around 30 days and can have up to 60 kits in a year (thanks, Wikipedia).

But something different happens when people with a similar imagination hear my story. They want to know how I can do all the things, and maybe, just maybe, my experience will help them understand their dreams and pursuits of multiple pursuits. Perhaps it’s because social media algorithms have amplified the voices that can narrow their interests to specific keywords or phrases. Or maybe it has to do with an informational society built upon genres and classifications that make it easy to store knowledge in a card catalog (look it up), database, or store shelf. That makes it challenging for people who are endlessly curious about everything and end up in the metaphorical junk drawer next to a screwdriver, pliers, and bag of miscellaneous parts.

It’s not easy to go against the expectations of others. However, it’s worth it as you follow your passions and spread your ideas like those randy rabbits. But you’re going to have to figure a few things out about how you work, your creative systems of content production, and shifting your focus from short-term wins to long-term fulfillment. And that’s what this workshop is all about.

What You’ll Learn in the Workshop!

  • Build a creative system of content production that allows you to take interests and ideas and turn them into projects that will be released to the world.
  • Develop a passion gauge to help you know whether to pursue the idea now or wait until later.
  • Determine daily deliverables that meet weekly deadlines.
  • Strengthen your mindset for those times when you face doubts or hear, “Why don’t you pick one thing?”
  • Set up your workspace for multiple pursuits.
  • Create for your pleasure and audience to keep focused long-term on your pursuits.

Is This Workshop Right for You?

  • You are tired of people telling you to pick one thing or stay in your lane.
  • You want space to think and dream about your future.
  • You want to leave the workshop with a better understanding of who you are and have a creative action plan.

What You Need To Know!

  • This workshop will not be recorded; be prepared to show up and contribute.
  • There will be moments of silence and reflection throughout the workshop for you to journal and capture your thoughts.
  • Bring a journal; prepare to write.
  • Be ready for an introvert-safe environment; no breakout rooms, and I will mute mic hogs.
  • Everyone will contribute to building a safe space to dream big without knowing how to do it all.


  • Follow Your Interests
  • Capture Your Ideas
  • Create Projects as Containers for Your Ideas
  • Strengthen Your Mind
  • Create a Workspace That Works For You
  • Become a Lifelong Producer

How Much is the Workshop?

There are three levels available:

  • $150 workshop only
  • $300 workshop + 1-hour coaching session
  • $500 workshop + (3) 1-hour coaching sessions

No rabbits were harmed in the conceiving of this workshop, but they probably had a great time.