Curating Your Body of Work (GWTW526)

One of the constant forces of living a creative life is balancing the tension between creation and curation. Often, people explain those two acts of creativity as separate tasks: creators create and curators curate. Occasionally, they overlap, but they are usually separated. I don’t deny these two worlds. I think as creators we are in a constant state of both functions. We consume and curate the inspirational work that fuels our work. We create in the hopes that others will curate what we have done. But what happens as we amass a body of work throughout our lifetimes? How do we unearth the gold from the past so that people can benefit from it today? The answer is through the power of curation.

Five ways creators can bring the power of curation into their practice as they amass a healthy body of work:

  1. Develop a taste for your own work.
  2. Catalog your work.
  3. Revisit past work as the curator.
  4. Share new insights with your audience.
  5. Refine your taste.

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