“Telling Stories of Values” with Carl Safina (GWTW746)

"Telling Stories of Values" with Carl Safina (GWTW746)

My favorite conversations are often with people working in unrelated fields, looking at the world in profound ways, and exploring deep questions. Today’s guest is Carl Safina, a writer, professor, and founding president of the Safina Center. Endlessly curious about life, animals, and the relationships between living and non-living systems, Carl shares how he views the world and how we can see the hidden worlds beyond our everyday experiences. In this conversation, we talk about his writing process, how being a jazz drummer brings a sense of rhythm to his writing, the creative nature of science, and the importance of listening. Most importantly, he shares why telling stories—specifically of values, connection, and relationships—is fundamental to our survival and becoming aware of the infinite value of animals and the earth around us.

“You Can Be The Best” with John Ply (GWTW744)

"You Can Be The Best" with John Ply (GWTW744)

When I first saw the title, You Can Be The Best, I was simultaneously skeptical and curious. Somewhere along my journey, I stopped thinking that being the best was possible. Fortunately, there are thinkers, authors, and mentors like today’s guest, John Ply, who can help you see yourself in new ways and help you know that you can be your best. John is the author of You Can Be the Best: Life Lessons from the Butcher and the Businessman and in this conversation, he shares wisdom learned from his entrepreneurial and life journey and his father’s journey from Poland to America. We discuss the road map for being your best, why we settle for less, internal versus external goals, the difference between effort and results, and how he replenishes energy through mentorship. Sprinkled throughout are stories of resilience, passion, and golf.

“Living in the Creative Chaos” with Al Gibson (GWTW742)

"Living in the Creative Chaos" with Al Gibson (GWTW742)

If you’ve enjoyed my conversations with gough of BeernutsProductions.com, you might recognize today’s guest as someone I often talk about because his acting and characters make me laugh. That’s right, people, it’s Al Gibson, actor, musician, and Australian purveyor of creative wisdom and insight. From his curiosity about how things work and taking things apart to copying people’s voices to make sense of the world, Al talks about his approach to acting and creativity. He also touches on the importance of having a diverse career path, learning to take compliments, overcoming adversity, and learning how to get out of his own way and out of his comfort zone.

“Making Meaning Together” with Ed Hess (GWTW740)

"Making Meaning Together" with Ed Hess (GWTW740)

How much time do you spend thinking about the biggest questions we face as a species? On top of that, how prepared are you for the massive disruption technology will bring to our lives and work in the coming years and decades? How are you learning to control your thinking and regulate your emotions? My guest is Ed Hess, professor and author of Own Your Work Journey! The Path to Meaningful Work and Happiness in the Age of Smart Technology and Radical Change, and he brings the tools and experience to help us find our way forward. Ed shares why we need to come together and make meaning for all. He also talks about the importance of mindful meditation, managing your thinking, controlling your emotions, and the role learning, relearning, and unlearning will play in our future. If you are frightened to head out into the unknown, unsure of what you will discover, find comfort in the stories of people like Ed, who built a life and body of work around the ability to say yes to opportunities, admit what they don’t know, and come back with the truth.

“Using Your Voice for Good” with Julia Verdin (GWTW738)

"Using Your Voice for Good" with Julia Verdin (GWTW738)

How are you keeping fear out of your orbit? What do you want your legacy to be? Who must you connect with over a shared interest or project idea? How will you help bring the world back to love? Nothing but massive questions with today’s guest, Julia Verdin, a director, writer, producer, and self-proclaimed multi-hyphenate. In this conversation, she shares her passion for making social impact films and the complex issues, such as teen trafficking and opioid addiction, she is tackling with her work. From her endless curiosity for life and an insatiable desire to learn to how she keeps fear out and creative possibilities open, Julia is a wealth of creative wisdom and generously shares throughout the conversation. No matter what you create, I hope this episode inspires you to use your voice for good.

“Living with Intention” with Elizabeth Blake-Thomas (GWTW736)

"Living with Intention" with Elizabeth Blake-Thomas (GWTW736)

Nothing better captures one’s attention in a sea of email subjects than the phrase “Butterfly Doula.” Elizabeth Blake-Thomas is not only nurturing a safe environment for butterflies to undergo the metamorphosis process, but she also applies that work to herself and others through her books and other creative endeavors. In this conversation, Elizabeth deeply shares her life experiences about curiosity, decision-making, perfectionism, and the stories of inspiration and delight that capture her heart. If you are someone who struggles with taking yourself too seriously, raising my hand here, her practice of laughing at yourself will help you. She also gives insight into brain breathing, an exercise that enables the “total reset of your brain” as part of her work called Medicine with Words which helps you live a life with intention and purpose.

“Bald, Buff & Badly Behaved” with gough (GWTW734)

"Bald, Buff & Badly Behaved" with gough (GWTW734)

Have you ever wondered how an uptight hippy makes films? No? Well, now you’ll know because gough from BeernutsProductions.com is here to talk about his latest masterpieces: a short movie mocking horse racing commentators and a five-part behind-the-scenes documentary series about making the film. Gough is a legally blind independent filmmaker from Australia and holds the honor of being on Getting Work To Work more than any other guest. In this conversation, he shares why you should befriend cab drivers, the importance of walks for boosting your mental health and creativity, the challenges he faced coming up with horse names, and the two rules that make his website, BeernutsProductions.com, so easy to use.

“Drop Into The Moment” with Mary Williams (GWTW732)

"Drop Into The Moment" with Mary Williams (GWTW732)

When you think about your business, how can you open your mind and drop into the moment to explore new possibilities? One way today’s guest does that is through analogous thinking, for example, having difficult conversations while talking about movies and TV shows. Mary Williams is the founder of Sensible Woo and the School of Moxie podcast. She is a librarian, systems coach, and podcaster who loves to help people think differently. In this conversation, we talk about her love for talk shows, podcasts, movies, and TV and how that love connects to her work. We also dive into the topics of reframing courage, the struggle we face as a society when it comes to attentional demands and classifying information, how to have better business conversations that aren’t boring, and how she has connected a metaphysical approach through tarot readings to business systems and processing intuitive feelings.

“Coaching Peace” with Diana Cutaia (GWTW730)

"Coaching Peace" with Diana Cutaia (GWTW730)

How can you think differently every day? How can you create environments of peace? How do you define peace? These are just a few deep questions that can jumpstart conversations courtesy of today’s guest, Diana Cutaia, who sees the world through a lens of curiosity and change. Diana founded Coaching Peace in 2012 to create positive and safe cultures that empower its members to lead with empathy and understanding. In this conversation, we discuss curiosity’s role in changing systems, connecting to other people’s joy, and how the lessons of a life in sports translate into the business world. Diana shares stories from her time playing and coaching sports, how to adjust to adversity, why we need to listen to our bodies, and the balance between drive and peace. If you are driven to succeed at all costs and want to find a new, healthier way, then Diana has some insights for you.

“Permission To Be Great” with K-Rahn Vallatine (GWTW728)

"Permission To Be Great" with K-Rahn Vallatine (GWTW728)

How would your life be different if you gave yourself permission to be great? Today’s guest not only asks that question but also explores the narratives, stories, and memes around us that impact our lives. K-Rahn Vallatine is an author, curriculum developer, and executive director of Live Above The Hype. In this conversation, we explore greatness and self-sabotage in the pursuit of our vision. We also talk about shattering narratives with forward movement, surrounding yourself with people who support your creative process, reaching people for who they are and not saving or fixing them, and his process of writing books. Finally, if you produce a lot of ideas and projects, K-Rahn shares a way to think about seasons of creation.