“Swiss Army Knife Creatives” with Benjamin Ironside Koppin (GWTW763)

"Swiss Army Knife Creatives" with Benjamin Ironside Koppin (GWTW763)

Fun fact: Today’s guest was the very first person I interviewed over eight years ago when I started Getting Work To Work. Cliché statement aside, it’s incredible how things change over time. Thank the maker; I sound less frightened, more relaxed, and a better editor. But enough about me; this is about today’s guest, Benjamin Ironside Koppin. As Ben describes himself, he is a Swiss Army Knife filmmaker who directs and produces independent films and runs 1988 Films, a film distribution company with his wife. In this conversation, we talk about Pastor’s Kid, his latest film coming to theaters on March 15, 2024. Ben shares behind-the-scenes stories, the challenges of bringing an indie movie to theaters, and how hard it was to make an R-rated Christian film that didn’t fall into genre tropes. We also touch on what makes the best art, the artist’s power, how he handles good and bad reviews, and the age-old creative question, “Should I be a generalist or specialist?” No matter your beliefs, I hope this conversation with Ben will encourage you in your creative journey.

“Recipes for Success” with Gerald J. Leonard (GWTW762)

"Recipes for Success" with Gerald J. Leonard (GWTW762)

At the foundation of this episode are two important questions: 1) How do you take in information and learn rapidly, and 2) how do you improve and become better than you could ever imagine? Today’s guest, Gerald J. Leonard, answers these questions through stories of his journey to become a professional bass player, an author publishing several books, and a Project Portfolio Management guru. In this episode, he shares a technique known as photo reading, which is a process of quickly absorbing a book to increase retention and curiosity. We also talk about jazz as a model for business, authentically being yourself no matter the environment you’re in, why surrounding yourself with experts is critical to your professional growth, and how life is like a great song.

“Unleashing Human Potential” with Albino Sanchez (GWTW760)

"Unleashing Human Potential" with Albino Sanchez (GWTW760)

“What kind of life would make you profoundly happy?” is a massive question that today’s guest often asks his clients to help them discover their purpose. Albino Sanchez is a serial entrepreneur, executive coach, and author whose drive is to help others by unleashing their potential. In our conversation, he shares his entrepreneurial journey from working in his father’s convenience store in Mexico to running three businesses today. We talk about the importance of finding and achieving our purpose, what self-leadership is and the role successes and failures play in our development, why he chooses to have more than one business, what makes an aha moment, and how leaders can be more conscious of people. Albino also touches on how we can dream bigger than we are used to and how to act upon our dreams.

“Think & Act Big” with Andrea Liebross (GWTW758)

"Think & Act Big" with Andrea Liebross (GWTW758)

How big are your thoughts and dreams? More than that, what actions are you taking to bring them to life? Today’s guest is all about the relationship between thoughts and action. Andrea Liebross is a coach, podcaster, and author of She Thinks Big: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and into the Extraordinary. In our conversation, we explore how she uses the acronym TRUST to guide her clients, and even herself, from generating thought options to taking action. She also shares what led her to coaching and starting her business, several tools she uses to help people get unstuck, the difference between stuck and progress stress, and why sometimes labeling a goal as a priority can help it get accomplished.

“The Awesome Power of Conversation” with Rob Garrott (GWTW756)

"The Awesome Power of Conversation" with Rob Garrott (GWTW756)

You know you’re in for a powerful conversation when the person describes themself as “a Katamari ball of learning on a journey to build a creative life by creating cool things, building relationships, and helping people. Rob Garrott has been in the world of motion design and education for much of his career. After leaving a job as a Content Manager for LinkedIn Learning, he set out to learn character animation and how to infuse emotion into motion. Our conversation begins with us sharing who taught us how to swear before talking about blogging as a form of therapy, learning how to break free from systems, and returning to his creative self. We talk about identity and the stories we tell ourselves, the difference between learning on the job and studying a subject, being creative on purpose, and why he prefers not to return to a previous version of himself.

“Stay Curious” with Casey Silveria (GWTW754)

"Stay Curious" with Casey Silveria (GWTW754)

Not only is curiosity a driving force of this podcast, but in this episode, it infuses every morsel of experience and wisdom from today’s guest, Casey Silveria. From his early days growing up on a farm and working in corporate finance to his work today helping visionary farmers achieve their financial aims, finding the answers to the most profound questions drives Casey. In this conversation, we talk about the values he learned on the farm that he still uses today. We also touch on the importance of learning from other industries and bringing that knowledge and understanding back to our businesses, the obligation to never stop learning, the necessity of farming and agriculture, fostering trust with people through transparency and energy, and the power of gut instinct.

“Invest in Creative Time” with Mercedes Austin (GWTW752)

"Invest in Creative Time" with Mercedes Austin (GWTW752)

How driven are you to create something that’s never been seen before? Mercedes Austin is endlessly curious about inventing a new pattern and fuels that search for uniqueness with humility, resilience, and dignity. She is a mosaic artist and founder of Mercury Mosaics, a company on a mission “to redefine your expectations of what tile is and how it can transform a space.” In this conversation, Mercedes shares where her love for tile and mosaics came from and how she turned a one-woman operation into a thriving business. We talk about entrepreneurial resourcefulness, communicating your vision to others while simultaneously learning to let them contribute, transparency in business, and how investing in personal creative time can help you solve business problems and be more innovative.

“Marketing Insights” with Andrew Maffettone (GWTW750)

"Marketing Insights" with Andrew Maffettone (GWTW750)

As business owners, there is a lot to learn daily, and one area that is often confusing is digital marketing. Fortunately, there are experts like today’s guest who communicate in ways that make the topic accessible. Andrew Maffettone is the Founder/CEO of BlueTuskr, a marketing agency for e-commerce sellers, and the host of The E-comm Show podcast. We pick up the conversation with his curiosity about the customer journey. We then discuss omnichannel marketing and the challenges of marketing a business online and offline. Andrew also shares the lessons learned running his agency, the early days of learning marketing promoting shows as a touring musician, and some positive ways marketers will use AI in the future. Finally, he gives some insight into what it takes to plan for marketing all year long.

“Welcome to Kristina Land” with Kristina Martin (GWTW748)

"Welcome to Kristina Land" with Kristina Martin (GWTW748)

Do you have a creative dream but aren’t sure it’s the right time or even how to do the work? Inspired by a talk in 2017 at Creative Mornings Portland, today’s guest started dreaming of a creative life built upon her interests, and four years later, she launched her YouTube channel, Kristina Land. Kristina Martin is a YouTube content creator, and in this conversation, she shares how getting sick during the pandemic led to watching a lot of YouTube and figuring out all she had to do to create her own show reviewing dolls and toys. We talk about seeing herself in new ways, embracing the technical aspects of production and editing, strategically planning reviews to coincide with film launches, and why she wouldn’t travel back in time to give herself advice. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I’m Kristina’s husband; we are recording at our kitchen table, and Cosmo the Wonder Pug makes a lot of noise throughout the episode.

“Telling Stories of Values” with Carl Safina (GWTW746)

"Telling Stories of Values" with Carl Safina (GWTW746)

My favorite conversations are often with people working in unrelated fields, looking at the world in profound ways, and exploring deep questions. Today’s guest is Carl Safina, a writer, professor, and founding president of the Safina Center. Endlessly curious about life, animals, and the relationships between living and non-living systems, Carl shares how he views the world and how we can see the hidden worlds beyond our everyday experiences. In this conversation, we talk about his writing process, how being a jazz drummer brings a sense of rhythm to his writing, the creative nature of science, and the importance of listening. Most importantly, he shares why telling stories—specifically of values, connection, and relationships—is fundamental to our survival and becoming aware of the infinite value of animals and the earth around us.