5 People I'm Thankful For, Pt. 2 (GWTW570)

Last week, I shared five people I am thankful for, but as I listed person after person, I realized I would need additional episodes to share all the people I’m grateful for and how they’ve impacted my life. So, today I’m sharing five more people and how you can be inspired by their work as well. If you haven’t taken the time to list out the people you are thankful for, do it. Then take a moment to let them know just how they’ve made your life better. December is also an excellent month to reach out to your favorite artists and content creators to show them your appreciation.

Five more people I’m thankful for…

  1. Gabe Ratliff
  2. Heather Crank
  3. Kay Coughlin
  4. Christopher Butler
  5. Kelley Baker – Angry Filmmaker

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