Your Vision of Greatness (GWTW346)

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question since talking with Shawn Askinosie five episodes ago: What is your vision of greatness for your life and work? It’s easy to get trapped in your job, doing work you think matters, only to wake up one day absolutely empty. I like to think this only happens when you work for a gigantic corporation that only cares about money, but it can happen when you work for yourself, for God, or country. Why does this happen? When I look at my own journey, there are two answers. The first is I didn’t take time to envision a better future. But the second hits at the core even harder: I did nothing to go where I actually wanted to go.

Visualize: What does your life and work look like today, tomorrow, and in five years?

Dream Big: Jim Collins — big, hairy, audacious goals.

Take Action: Small steps every single day.

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