Your Time & Attention (GWTW166)

As an avid fan of HBO, I was recently reading an article about some changes the company will be making due to the recent merger of AT&T and Time Warner. Essentially it came down to devising strategies on how to increase time spent watching HBO. That got me thinking: How can I compete with giant companies who are literally paying millions of dollars to get my viewership? Is my company compelling enough? Are my dreams bold enough to keep me from being swayed to spend more time watching other people’s content? In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to share a few ways that you can guard your time and attention from outside forces.

6 ways you can fight market forces and devote daily time and attention to the fulfillment of your dreams:

  1. Learn to recognize marketing messages and identify how you respond to them.
  2. Set daily goals for your life and work that get accomplished before you spend time on entertainment platforms.
  3. Establish boundaries and time blocks so that you get your most critical work done first. Your time and attention are finite resources that can be depleted.
  4. Know if your streaming time is fueled by avoidance, procrastination or fear.
  5. Keep track of your time, both in entertaining yourself and creating your work. Seek an optimal balance between the two.
  6. Be intentional with everything you do.

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