Your Story Matters (GWTW536)

Did you know that your story matters and is worthy of sharing with others? If the first thing that enters your mind is doubt, represented by the insecure thought, “Even my story, Chris? You don’t know!” The answer is yes, even your story. We live in a world that elevates a relatively small number of people when there is an abundance of beauty found in other’s stories around the world. If there is a core value that fuels this show and a fundamental belief that gives my life meaning, it’s the truth that every story matters. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I explore seven reasons people think their stories don’t matter and how to see the truth.

Seven reasons why people don’t think their stories matter and what you can do about it if this is your struggle too:

  1. People are just doing what they do.
  2. Fear that their journey doesn’t make sense or fully connect to what they do.
  3. Thoughtful and wise introverts struggle to transform their thoughts into words in a comfortable way.
  4. Humility doesn’t disqualify you from sharing your story.
  5. Fear of not being succinct or clear enough.
  6. There is so much noise and information being shared online, how do I even make a dent in that?
  7. Your story matters because you matter.

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