Your Library of Ideas (GWTW743)

Yesterday, I was the subject of a Q&A at a local college, and somebody asked a form of this question: What happens when an idea doesn’t show up? I talked about journaling and checking in with myself to see what I’m thinking about and wrestling with, but I failed to share the creative power of curating a library. Yes, I love the public library. I go there when money is tight or if I want to read a book I’m unsure if I want to buy. But over the years, I’ve been collecting books, films, and art, curating my own personal library of ideas. Sometimes, all it takes is staring at the shelves, and an idea or a collection of ideas based on the item that captured my attention shows up. While it is possible to build a digital library, I’m focusing on a physical library, an actual place where you can find solace and escape from the urgent needs of the day.

Five ways to curate and build your library of ideas:

  1. Books
  2. Films
  3. Instruments
  4. Art
  5. Artifacts

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