You Probably Need a Hobby (GWTW360)

Lately, I’ve been realizing an important truth for my life: I need a hobby. For the first time in a very long time, I can say that work’s good. I spend a lot of time thinking about my work, watching courses, reading books, and producing paid and passion projects. But at the expense of work, my life needs some attention. As a driven creative entrepreneur, how can I embrace a hobby without the natural desire to turn it into a business opportunity?

Five ways to make time and space for a hobby as a creative entrepreneur:

  1. Pick something you’ve always been interested in and take an introductory course at an art space, continuing education organization, or even online course.
  2. Schedule time on your calendar for your hobby in the frequencies that make sense for your life.
  3. Make it fun.
  4. Allow your mind to engage with the hobby without worrying about work.
  5. Develop friendships around your hobby.

Bonus Tip: Make a Bucket/Hobby List!

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