"You Can Be The Best" with John Ply (GWTW744)

When I first saw the title, You Can Be The Best, I was simultaneously skeptical and curious. Somewhere along my journey, I stopped thinking that being the best was possible. Fortunately, there are thinkers, authors, and mentors like today’s guest, John Ply, who can help you see yourself in new ways and help you know that you can be your best. John is the author of You Can Be the Best: Life Lessons from the Butcher and the Businessman and in this conversation, he shares wisdom learned from his entrepreneurial and life journey and his father’s journey from Poland to America. We discuss the road map for being your best, why we settle for less, internal versus external goals, the difference between effort and results, and how he replenishes energy through mentorship. Sprinkled throughout are stories of resilience, passion, and golf.

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