You Are The Storyteller (GWTW656)

We are storytellers—every one of us. From the day we enter the world to the day we die, we live in a world shaped infinitely by stories within and around us. We learn at a young age about good versus evil, heroes and monsters, beauty and beasts. When we are young, we are curious about everything and want to tell the world the stories that shape us. We go on quests, gain inspiration and experience, and realize there is so much we don’t know or understand. Our stories evolve. We repeatedly try until we become tired of fighting, of telling a story that no longer serves ourselves and others. So we cede the power to be storytellers to machines and industries and become collectors of stories. But that doesn’t need to be the end of the story.

Six ways to embrace the title of storyteller:

  1. Recognize that you tell stories to yourself and others daily.
  2. Seek to become a better storyteller through conversation and listening.
  3. Search for stories beyond your understanding and beliefs.
  4. Slow down and dig deeper by questioning what is on the surface.
  5. Don’t look for characters to populate your story, build relationships to better understand the world.
  6. Find stories by exploring the real world.

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