Writing Your Acknowledgements (GWTW462)

Who are the people who make a difference in your life and make your work possible? Who supports the projects you release into the world? I am often overwhelmed when I read the Acknowledgements section at the end of a book. When there are five, six, sometimes ten pages of people listed, I feel a gnawing sense of despair. I can’t imagine that many people helping me on a project! But something happens when I start making a list. I remember just how many people have helped me. As I write one name down, a second name pops into my mind, and before I know it, I’ve filled an entire page. But there is often one person forgotten in the mix. Who do you think it is?

The Five Types of People You Need in Your Life:

  1. The Wise Mentor/Guide/Teacher
  2. The Collaborator/Co-Creator
  3. The Oracle/Prophet
  4. The Challenger
  5. The Healer

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