Working While Broken (GWTW118)

Have you ever made a mistake that completely rocks your world and forces you into uncomfortable situations? That brings out strong emotions and potentially revealing character flaws? It’s tough when we are in those positions. The emotions can lie to us, our bodies can shut down. How do you work while broken? Successfully dealing with the pain, emotions, and challenges revealed while not losing your confidence in who you are and what you do? I’m going to answer these questions by sharing how I recently worked through a challenging situation and what I learned.

When I’m broken, how do I work through the emotions, the pain, the frustration?

  1. Journal.
  2. Talk with friends and family.
  3. Breathe.
  4. Self-care.
  5. Chores.
  6. Reflect and remember the “why”.
  7. Get to work.

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