Who Taught You To Dream? (GWTW674)

As children, no one teaches us to dream. We see the stars and put on our helmets, for we are already flying amongst the galaxy. We hear the songs and sing along, for the melodies and words are already in our imagination. We see the animals and run alongside them, for we are one. No one needs to tell us why or how; we just do. Then we become self-aware. The dreams will make us outcasts, so we conform. Thus, beginning the journey of our lives from knowing who we are to becoming who we are. Fortunately, there are people along the way to teach us to dream. If we only pay attention.

Six stages of dreaming from our earliest days to our final moments:

  1. To do
  2. To be
  3. To buy
  4. To become
  5. To belong
  6. To do

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