Who Are You Paying Attention To? (GWTW282)

For the past four years in the spring, I’ve taught a class to college students about to graduate called Professional Practices. One of the assignments that I have them do is to identify and research leaders in their field of study or in the industry they are wanting to work in.

It’s an interesting assignment because it’s less to do with passively consuming other people’s content, or even comparing oneself to them, and more about paying attention to the people you are connecting with and why.

If you were to do this assignment for yourself, would you be able to come up with a list of 5-10 people? Who would be on that list? These are great questions, but here is the kicker: What do you actually learn from the people you are paying attention to? And do you actually act upon that information?

This is the assignment I give students in my class: “Research people whose work inspires you; whose “culture” matches your work style and interests; whose vision, mission, and values align with yours; and people you can connect with in the future.”

Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

There are a lot more people I pay attention to and learn from, this is just the start of my list. Who is on your list and why?

Five people I’m paying attention to:

  1. Chris ButlerDesign Tomorrow Podcast
  2. Alicja Colon, Thrice Studio
  3. Neal Morse
  4. Dina Rodriguez, Letter Shoppe
  5. James Victore

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