Where Do You Belong? (GWTW197)

I have an important question to ask you: Where do you belong? A common theme in Getting Work To Work is the importance of community and making sure that you are not going through your life alone. As an introvert, I have been stretched this year to discover where I belong. I have made a lot of decisions to learn about myself and the people I work best with. While I have had a few successes and many failures, I have learned one thing: I am not alone.

4 Answers to the Question, “Where Do You Belong?”

  1. In a community of people who encourage you, accept you, and challenge you to do more and be more.
  2. In a community of people who want you to be moving ever closer to the vision of your ideal self.
  3. In a community of people whose actions speak louder than their words.
  4. In a community of people who can handle each other’s successes and failures.

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