When You Run Out of Curiosity (GWTW450)

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you ran out of curiosity? I’ve been thinking about that question a lot lately as my curiosity levels are lower than I’d like them to be. From intellectual curiosity (what I read, watch, and listen to) and creative curiosity (what I make) to conversational curiosity (the people I talk with), I’m going to explore the different areas of your life and work where curiosity shows up and how you can regenerate your curiosity levels in the moment and over time. Is unlimited curiosity possible? I’m not sure, but I think there are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t run on empty.

Six ways to regenerate curiosity in the moment:

  1. Get present and focus.
  2. Listen or watch for energy shifts.
  3. Ask a random question.
  4. Get curious about a word or phrase.
  5. Shift to another sense.
  6. Get out of your space.

Five ways to regenerate curiosity over time:

  1. Take care of yourself.
  2. Read, watch, or listen to something completely different.
  3. Write lists of questions.
  4. Stop being like everyone else and embrace your oddities and eccentricities.
  5. Talk to as many different people as possible.

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