When is an Idea Ready? (GWTW520)

Lately, I’ve been asking myself and others this question, “When is an idea ready?” I’m curious about what it takes for others to act because ready is a commitment. It’s a decision to go from an abstract thought that plays out only in your head to something becoming realized through planning, acting, creating, editing, refining, publishing, shipping, and sharing. For myself, I’m not entirely sure when an idea is ready to go. I think it’s a mix of “can’t stop thinking about it” and “if I don’t do something now, I won’t do anything at all.” In other words, I amplify an internal sense of creative tension that I must resolve. For others, it’s a deadline, a belief, a desire, an obligation, even a calling.

Six answers to the question, “When is an idea ready?”

  1. The Green Light
  2. Resolving Creative Tension
  3. Perfect Research
  4. Guaranteed Success
  5. Choosing the Next Idea in the Whirlwind
  6. Commitment

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