Whatever It Takes (GWTW363)

When you think about the business you’re building, the dreams you’re bringing to life, and the future expression of your creativity, are you willing to do whatever it takes? In the good times and the bad, the wins and the losses, the peaks and valleys, are you willing to keep pushing through no matter what? When you are starting out on the road of creative entrepreneurship, it’s easy to brush aside the negative aspects of the journey. “That won’t happen to me,” says everyone ahead of you on the journey. But then then the inevitable happens, you get knocked down. And you ask yourself the important question: Now what?

Six Important Steps in Having a “Whatever It Takes” Attitude:

  1. Define the dream; make it so real, you can’t see anything else.
  2. Start chasing the dream.
  3. Train with the best.
  4. Build your team.
  5. Daily and deliberate practice.
  6. Remember that risk and sacrifice are part of the package.

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