What Will THEY Say? (GWTW615)

How often do you fear what other people will think and say to you and about you? For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been afraid of the anonymous collective of imaginary haters waiting to pounce on me the second I put something out into the world. Because of that, I don’t like to ask others for feedback, and I often keep my voice silent on issues and topics important to me. Fortunately, I’m slowly learning how to respond to the actual voices of others — in front and around me. The more I do that, the stronger my connection to my creative soul, and my fear of “the others” loosens its grip on me.

8 questions to ask yourself as you work through the fear of what others might say to you:

  1. Learn to listen from within – Is what they are saying true?
  2. Take nothing personal – What can I learn from this experience?
  3. Communicate – What is the best way to communicate in this moment?
  4. Deescalate – How can I calm the situation down?
  5. Empathize – How would I feel in this situation?
  6. Train – How can I receive the emotion without taking it home?
  7. Practice – How can I bravely use my voice in this chaotic world?
  8. Support – Who is on my team?

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