What I'm Learning About Business (GWTW518)

I’m fifteen years into my business journey, and there is so much I still do not know. It seems like every day there is something new to learn. Not only about my business and the people I serve, but about myself. How I am wired; the future I want to create. The past I can’t seem to shake. In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to dive into a few lessons that I’m learning about business. It’s all about solidifying and creating a future that not only works for me but inspires other business owners to dig deep and go further than they thought possible. Business isn’t easy, so why make it harder on yourself than it already is?

Lessons I’m Learning:

  • Reframe business advice so it fuels you.
  • Beyond promotional support.
  • Vision is the real work.
  • Chase the hidden business model.
  • Listen to your gut.
  • Business is tough, so don’t make it harder on yourself than it already is.

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