What If They Don't Like Me? (GWTW214)

A few weeks ago, I was having coffee with a friend and was sharing my 2019 vision for Chris Martin Studios: “Say no more often and be my authentic self.” In response, the question was interesting: “What if they don’t like you?” In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore this question, the fear behind it, and how you can actively work to be your authentic self in spite of this question.

5 questions to ask that counter the fear of “what if they don’t like me?”

  1. Who are you trying to please?
  2. Who are you pretending to be?
  3. Why do you want them to like you?
  4. What lies are you embracing that contradict the beliefs you have about the world, your business, and your life?
  5. Which voices matter most in your life?

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