What Goes Into An Hour? (GWTW532)

If there is a common thread of questioning that weaves all creative professionals and entrepreneurs together, it’s pricing our work and offerings. At various stages of your entrepreneurial journey, you’ve probably asked all of these questions: How much should I charge? How should I price my work? How often should I change my prices? Essentially, what we really want to know is what is the right way to do it, so that we make money, avoid the plight of feast or famine, and be able to keep doing what we want to be doing. But did you ever stop to think about what actually goes into an hour of your time? I was surprised when I revealed a hidden habit of how I decided to charge for my hour.

Here’s how I’m rethinking what goes into an hour of my time:

  1. Lay the foundation
    1. Experimentation
    2. Discovery
    3. Research
    4. Ideas
  2. Build the bones
    1. Documentation
    2. Reflection
    3. Creation
  3. Paint the walls
    1. Experience
    2. Refinement
    3. Polish
  4. Share & Support
    1. Connect
    2. Listen
    3. Respond

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