What Do You Do? (GWTW757)

What do you do when you are struggling more than you want to admit to others? When you feel like you have nothing left to give, yet still need to put on a brave face and move forward throughout the world? Like many people within and around my circle, times are weird, tough, and tricky. The struggle seems to be both endless and deepening. Unfortunately, these feelings often lead to quick solutions—new business offerings, a course or mastermind or program with magic answers, and the power of positive thinking, otherwise known as mindset—but lack a lasting resonance in our lives. So, what are we to do instead? Especially in an environment where it doesn’t seem we are allowed to be human. I’ll be talking about all these big questions in today’s episode of Getting Work To Work.

Is it okay to not be okay and admit that?

What do you do when you feel like you can’t do what you do anymore?

What is the point of creativity and curiosity when there are so many serious issues going on in this world?

Why do my problems matter when there are wars and rumors of wars that I should be speaking out against on social media?

With all the serious problems going on in the world, is it okay to bring up your own problems or should I just keep shoving them down until there is a better time?

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