What Are You Not Sharing? (GWTW498)

Every week it seems that I’ve got something to say: I’m writing newsletters, podcast monologues, planning for interviews, and producing client work. But there are aspects of my business that I don’t share. It’s not that I have something to hide, but I either let my fears, assumptions, or lack of perfect clarity prevent me from speaking up and sharing what I’ve got going on. In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to talk about seven ways to approach self-promotion for people who need the work, have the skills, and yet, struggle to find the right words to say.

Three things that prevent me from speaking out and sharing what I’ve got going on:

  1. Fears (originality, uniqueness, value).
  2. Assumptions (that I know what people need, that people want what I have to offer, that if I put something on my website people will find it, social media is enough, publishing is adequate).
  3. Lack of perfect clarity (it has to be perfect in order to be effective).

Seven things you can do to start sharing with others:

  1. Ask yourself “What if…?” to prompt action.
  2. Get out of your head and into conversations.
  3. Join a mastermind group where you can present your ideas and progress.
  4. Share what you are working on with your customers.
  5. Learn to tell the self-promotion story in a sentence or two.
  6. Don’t lead with what you are doing; get curious about others and listen.
  7. But don’t forget to share what new things you are learning or offering. What doesn’t seem massive to you might be life-changing to others.

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