What Are You Known For? (GWTW226)

I love it when I hear something I know I have heard before, but I’m finally ready to receive it and act upon it. Yesterday, I heard a valuable bit of advice about doing the work you want to be known for and that got me thinking about a few important questions that I’m going to explore in this episode of Getting Work To Work: What am I known for? What do I want to be known for? How wide is the gap between those two answers?

Seven ways to do the work you want to be known for:

  1. Evaluate what you are known for.
  2. Reflect on what you want to be known for.
  3. Create an action plan for producing a passion project that is a step in the right direction.
  4. Get in the habit of experimentation.
  5. Find people who are doing the type of work you want to be known for and build relationships with them.
  6. Eliminate your excuses.
  7. Share your process and results.

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