"Welcome to Kristina Land" with Kristina Martin (GWTW748)

Do you have a creative dream but aren’t sure it’s the right time or even how to do the work? Inspired by a talk in 2017 at Creative Mornings Portland, today’s guest started dreaming of a creative life built upon her interests, and four years later, she launched her YouTube channel, Kristina Land. Kristina Martin is a YouTube content creator, and in this conversation, she shares how getting sick during the pandemic led to watching a lot of YouTube and figuring out all she had to do to create her own show reviewing dolls and toys. We talk about seeing herself in new ways, embracing the technical aspects of production and editing, strategically planning reviews to coincide with film launches, and why she wouldn’t travel back in time to give herself advice. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I’m Kristina’s husband; we are recording at our kitchen table, and Cosmo the Wonder Pug makes a lot of noise throughout the episode.

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