"Walking Into Your Power" with Fran Bittakis (GWTW438)

Fran Bittakis has an unbelievable amount of passion, energy, and support for her local community, and multidisciplinary creatives. On top of that, her radical creative agency, JOOP JOOP, creates high-quality work with a diverse crew and talent roster, showing that diversity, equity, and inclusion should be the industry standard. In this interview, Fran dives deep into her journey of walking into her power, starting with her young days as a shy, lurking kid, just taking everything in. She then talks about the work she is doing today in both the creative industry and on the streets of Portland. She also shares the connection between art and activism, how she built her network of relationships and talent roster, the story behind her company’s logo, the secret to collaboration, the tension between fanning the flames of others and your own, and why asking great questions is critical in learning and unlearning.

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