Vulnerable Authenticity (GWTW168)

As I’ve been sharing the past few weeks, I have been doing a ton of self-reflection and this episode has been inspired my journey to find balance in who I am and who people say I am. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to share some insights gained from an interview I read with Werner Herzog and seven ways you can embrace your authenticity and bring all you are into your work and life.

I’m a fan of the German filmmaker Werner Herzog and was recently reading a collection of reviews and writings about his work by Roger Ebert called Herzog by Ebert. In a conversation between the two in 1979, Herzog said something incredibly relevant to today’s hyperconnected digital world: “It’s very strange, but people always have certain expectations. They want me to do certain things that are just in their own minds. They do not see that I also have my needs and anxieties and my fascinations.”

“You know, it’s very, very difficult for anyone to continue to work in this medium, because there’s alwayssome sort of public opinion or public expectation which interferes in some way. If I had followed up all the public expectations or even just the expectations of the press, I think I wouldn’t have been able to make any films at all anymore!”

Seven ways you can be vulnerable, embrace your authenticity, and bring all you are into your work:

  1. Start with self-awareness and ask the question, “Who am I?” You need to check yourself and weigh your motivations.
  2. Test what you are learning about yourself with close friends. “Iron sharpens iron.”
  3. Understand how you make decisions.
  4. Be quick to hear and slow to change.
  5. Don’t be ashamed with your needs, anxieties, and fascinations.
  6. Have more to your life than work.
  7. Experiment with how you will embrace who you are and share it with the world. You never know what will land with people. Try things and have fun.

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