Visual Cacophony (GWTW699)

The creative and curious world of work constantly inspires me. The people, the processes, and the products are all infinitely interesting. But if I had to choose what really piques my curiosity: the workspaces people make so they can do their best work. Whether it’s a coffee shop, a spare room where we live, or a giant warehouse, every one of us has a place that we have created to do our work. What does your workspace say about you? Does it inspire you to create or shut you down while you search for what you need? Are you messy or minimal? There is no wrong answer, which is what is so satisfying when visiting other people’s studios, offices, maker spaces, or shops. When you cross the threshold into a new place, you witness a uniqueness that can’t be taught or bought. How much does the environment influence the outcome of what we create? It’s hard to say, but it’s more than we realize and something we shouldn’t take lightly.

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  • Is Adam Savage’s Cave Messy on Purpose?
  • Midjourney prompt for episode art: visual cacophony workspace warehouse creative surreal high key contrast cinematic lighting –v 5.2 –stylize 1000 –ar 16:9