Vision Against Chaos (GWTW379)

What is your vision against chaos? How are you growing stronger in your creative pursuits? How do you dive deep into the darkness without getting wrecked? Three questions I’ve been thinking a lot about the past few weeks. While I’ve actively tried to answer them, I couldn’t quite translate my emotions into adequate answers. Then it hit me. The answers are found in the passive absence of my work, not in the frenetic pace of productivity. And that goes against everything I know.


From The Collaborative Habit: Life Lessons for Working Together by Twyla Tharp with Jesse Kornbluth:

“I’m also going to teach you how to go into dark places and not get broken down.” – Teddy Atlas

“Sean showed me how the personal best is still the challenge. It’s not about conflict, win or lose. It’s about resistance. The harder you push back, the stronger you get.”

“Art, I remind myself, is the collaboration of fantasy and reality, and reality is either perfect except for the problems or…perfect all the time. It’s my vision against chaos. Why let chaos win?”

Why I Create

  1. To process what I experience on an emotional and educational level for myself and my audience
  2. To have a weekly creative habit outside of client work
  3. A connection with other people in the form of emails and interviews
  4. Creative stability in a chaotic world

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