The Virtue of Process (GWTW29)

Earlier this week, I heard this at a leadership breakfast: “The best leaders understand they are never fully formed.” This relates to the journey of being a creative professional in how we embrace the dissonance and stress found in fighting perfectionism and being willing to make mistakes. In this episode, I share five ways to overcome the desire to only put forth a perfect image and how to embrace the messiness of process.

Five Ways To Share The Process Of Your Work

  1. Fight the urge to only show finished, polished, perfect work.
  2. Share sketches, fragments, and ideas. They won’t distract from the end result.
  3. Communicate to your clients about your process and why sharing is paramount to your growth and the project’s success.
  4. Challenge your thinking on a daily basis.
  5. Regardless of your age, you can learn something new. Relevance is not reserved for the youth.

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