What is the Value of Your Work? (GWTW14)

As a creative professional, it can be hard to determine the value of your work, especially if your sense of worth is skewed from reality. In this episode, I talk about how worth (internal barrier) affects our value (external barrier), how society views the value of creative work, and how we can change the ways we think, talk about, and communicate our value.

Thank you to Aaron Hockley and Kyle Shold for taking time to share their thoughts about the Getting Work To Work podcast with me. Aaron is a photographer and Kyle is an amazing illustrator, both great examples of daily getting their work to work. Thanks guys!

Five Ways to Change How You Think About Value

  1. Start with your worth. Tackle what you think you are worth.
  2. There is more to value than just money.
  3. Learn to talk about why your work matters.
  4. Raise your prices.
  5. Get comfortable talking about money.

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