Underdogs Unite! (GWTW400)

I’ve had the need for validation lately. Does what I do still matter? Is it essential? Even necessary? These questions reveal I’ve been operating under a faulty assumption: If I keep at what I’m doing, more people will pay attention, and eventually I’ll hit a point where it all takes off. But what if it doesn’t and it stays exactly where it is right now? Or worse, declines to a point of statistical invisibility? Then it’s time to quit. No, not the show, but the delusion of popularity and social proof. As I celebrate the 400th episode of Getting Work To Work, I embrace the truth that I am an underdog. Now, let’s kick some ass.

Quote mentioned in this episode:

From The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy by Lewis Howes:

“You’re always more productive when you’re the underdog—when you’re David, not Goliath” (p. 102).

Six ways to embolden the underdog spirit in yourself and others!

  1. Stop obsessing with the stats that don’t matter. Measure your productivity with what is important to you and keep moving forward.
  2. When someone says that something is not possible, and you disagree with them, prove that Goliath they are wrong by taking daily action.
  3. Quit the shit that doesn’t work for you.
  4. Pump yourself up with music, a positive mindset, and mantras.
  5. Keep yourself humble by hunting Goliaths, not because you can overtake them, but because you might not.
  6. Find your fellow underdogs so that you can hold each other up, encourage one another, and most importantly, be the reminder of who you are in the moments that matter most.

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