Trusting Yourself (GWTW516)

What does it mean to trust yourself? Inspired by a quote from Seth Godin’s book, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work, I’m exploring what it means to trust yourself and how trust connects to your passion. For most of my business, I found it easier to trust someone else’s interpretation of me rather than trust my thoughts, desires, and feelings. But as I consider what it means to trust myself and do the work connected to that trust, I see an interesting new path forward. To outsiders, it looks a lot like where I’ve been before. But to me, it feels so much different.

Trusting yourself (internal):

  1. To listen.
  2. To question.
  3. To challenge.
  4. To resolve.
  5. To change.

The work we trust ourselves to do (external):

  1. To remember all that we’ve done, learned, and become, not to be stuck in the past, but to fuel our momentum moving forward.
  2. To move closer to our true self and creative identity.
  3. To say yes when we want to say yes, no when we want to say no.
  4. To push through the plateau and trust yourself to work through challenges and hardships.
  5. To change your relationship to risk.

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