When Things Go Wrong (GWTW51)

You landed a dream project. Everything is off to a great start when something goes wrong. What do you do when a project abruptly ends? In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I share five important things to remember when projects go awry including a very important rule: never publicly shame or blame your client.

5 Things To Remember When Things Go Wrong

  1. Never, ever publicly blame or shame your client. Step away from social media.
  2. Establish standard operating procedures and follow them. They are in place to protect you when things go well and when they go wrong.
  3. Learn how to learn from your mistakes. Be quick to change processes and procedures, but be slow to change core values.
  4. See things from your clients’ perspective in order to improve future relationships.
  5. Get back to work, so you can protect the relationship with your work. Insecurity is hard to recover from.

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